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  • The 7 Habits of Highly Effective Christians

    Discover the powerful habits that transform ordinary people into extraordinary servants of God.

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  • 40 Inspiring Stories

    Read mind-provoking and life-changing stories that illustrate vital lessons from the Scripture.

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  • Heroes of Faith

    Meet the most faithful people of God listed in Hebrews 11 and learn how to steadily grow your faith.

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  • Read the Bible in 365 Days

    Go through the Scripture in its entirety with life-changing reflections for each reading.

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What is Becoming Christians Academy?

Biblical education that elevates your spiritual life.

Becoming Christians Academy is the best online course for you if you want to be a zealous and profitable servant of God.

Some of the powerful lessons you'll learn include the following:

  • How to become an effective Christian
  • How to increase your faith
  • How to live a victorious life
  • How to read the Bible

We offer life-changing courses that open your understanding of the Bible. Each lesson is designed to teach you how to live this life for the glory of the Most High.

Improve your Biblical understanding, faith, and relationship with God today!

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What is Becoming Christians Academy

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Course curriculum

What you will learn:

    1. Introduction: How to Live an Inspiring Life

    2. Inspiring Stories Introduction

    3. Day 1: The Child and the Umbrella

    4. Day 2: Stranded in an Island

    5. Day 3: The Parable of the Mexican Fisherman and the Banker

    6. Day 4: The Elephant Rope

    7. Day 5: The Rich Dad and His Son

    8. Day 6: The Tightrope Walker

    9. Day 7: The Lady and Her Pet Snake

    10. Day 8: The Lonely Ember and the Fiery Sermon

    11. Day 9: The Boy and the Airplane

    12. Day 10: The Graduating Student

    13. Day 11: The Confession of the Three Pastors

    14. Day 12: The Man in the Arena

    15. Day 13: The Two Frogs

    16. Day 14: Burning the Ship

    17. Day 15: The Man Who Traded Water for Gold

    18. Day 16: The Father, Son, and Carabao

    19. Day 17: The Therapist and the Successful Woman

    20. Day 18: The Long Distance Swimmer

    21. Day 19: The Four Friends and their car

    22. Day 20: The Coming Home of the Injured Soldier

    23. Day 21: The Bridge of Forgiveness

    24. Day 22: The Soldier and His Lady Friend

    25. Day 23: The Butterfly who can't fly

    26. Day 24: The Oak Tree and Bamboo Plant

    27. Day 25: The Man, Mango Tree, and the Squash

    28. Day 26: The Unhappy and Discontented Farmer

    29. Day 27: The Preacher and Bus Driver

    30. Day 28: The Value of Time

    31. Day 29: The Airplane Cleaner Who Wanted to Fly

    32. Day 30: The Angry Snake and the Saw

    33. Day 31: A Statement that Always Stands True

    34. Day 32: The Cracked Pot and Water Bearer

    35. Day 33: The Farmer, the Donkey, and the Well

    36. Day 34: The Wooden Bowl Story

    37. Day 35: The African King and Positive Thinking

    38. Day 36: Cheating Husband Who Wanted a Divorce

    39. Day 37: The Chicken, the Cow, and the Farmer

    40. Day 38: The Grumpy Lady in the Airplane

    41. Day 39: The Two Seeds

    42. Day 40: The Virus that Infected the Whole World

    43. This is my story

    44. Live your life to the fullest

    1. Introduction: Meet the People of the Bible

    2. Lesson 1: Abel - a short but righteous life

    3. Lesson 2: Enoch - walking with God

    4. Lesson 3: Noah - how to preach the Gospel

    5. Lesson 4: Abraham - father of the faithful

    6. Lesson 5: Sarah - from laughter of doubt to joy of faith

    7. Lesson 6: Isaac - letting God take the lead

    8. Lesson 7: Jacob - positive change is possible

    9. Lesson 8: Joseph - doing the right thing no matter what

    10. Lesson 9: Moses - forsaking wealth for God's riches

    11. Lesson 10: Rahab - your past does not determine your future

    12. Lesson 11: Gideon - Leading an Army of Faith

    13. Lesson 12: Barak - A Fearful Warrior Turned into a Hero in Israel

    14. Lesson 13: Samson - drawing strength from God

    15. Lesson 14: Jephthah - Rejected by Men, Accepted by God

    16. Lesson 15: David - Defeating the Giants (Part I)

    17. Lesson 16: David - The King's Darkest Sin (Part II)

    18. Lesson 17: David: - The Deceitful Power of Image (Part III)

    19. Lesson 18: Samuel - The Power of Prayer (Part I)

    20. Lesson 19: Samuel - You're Never too Young to Serve God (Part II)

    21. Lesson 20: Samuel - Living a Life of Integrity

    22. Lesson 21: Samuel - Let God be our Ultimate Defender (IV)

    23. Lesson 22: Samuel - Accepting God as the King of Your Life (V)

    24. Becoming a Hero of Faith

    1. Course introduction

    2. Bible Reading Plan

    3. Day 1: The Creator God

    4. Day 2: Brother's keeper

    5. Day 3: The need to get baptized

    6. Day 4: United for the wrong purpose

    7. Day 5: You are the light of the world

    8. Day 6: Love your enemies

    9. Day 7: Secret charitable deeds

    10. Day 8: Treasures in heaven

    11. Day 9: Judging one another

    12. Day 10: Bowl of soup

    13. Day 11: Going through the storms of life

    14. Day 12: Agent of change

    15. Day 13: Wrestling with God

    16. Day 14: A great reconciliation

    17. Day 15: Prophecy in motion

    18. Day 16: The Joseph approach

    19. Day 17: Always ready

    20. Day 18: A changed man

    21. Day 19: Good ground

    22. Day 20: Lemons to lemonades

    23. Day 21: Who is your authority?

    24. Day 22: Things get worse

    25. Day 23: Stubbornness

    26. Day 24: The Ten Plagues

    27. Day 25: Crossing the Red Sea

    28. Day 26: Yahweh, our Healer

    29. Day 27: Teamwork and delegation

    30. Day 28: A Display of Power

    31. Day 29: God’s righteous law and judgment

    32. Day 30: Injustice or God’s grace?

    33. Day 31: Dwelling Place

    34. Day 32: Peer pressure

    35. Day 33: Wearing God’s Clothing

    36. Day 34: Israel’s adultery

    37. Day 35: God of mercy and justice

    38. Day 36: Giving more than enough

    39. Day 37: The Tabernacle

    40. Day 38: The Cost of Sin

    41. Day 39: Always prepared

    42. Day 40: We did it to God

    43. Day 41: Severe punishment

    44. Day 42: Pursuit of Holiness

    45. Day 43: Spiritual leprosy

    46. Day 45: Accepting responsibility

    47. Day 44: Hope for the hopeless

    48. Day 46: Way of Worship

    49. Day 47: A Call for Holiness

    50. Day 48: He is risen

    51. Day 49: A rehearsal

    52. Day 50: Land Sabbath, Jubilee, and trust in God

    53. Day 51: Blessings, Curses, God’s Mercy

    54. Day 52: Preparation

    55. Day 53: Organized work

    56. Day 54: The Torah of Jealousy

    57. Day 55: Calm in the storm

    58. Day 56: The heart of murmurings

    59. Day 57: The delusion of pride

    60. Day 58: The man who gathered sticks

    61. Day 59: The Miracle Effect

    62. Bonus Day: Are you speaking or hitting the Rock?

    63. Day 60: A good lesson from a bad prophet

    64. Day 61: Stagnation

    65. Day 62: Making a vow

    66. Day 63: The threat of sexual immorality

    67. Day 64: The City of Refuge

    68. Day 65: The Speech to Remind

    69. Day 66: Passing the baton

    70. Day 67: The Great Commandment

    71. Day 68: Humbling experience

    72. Day 69: Destroying pagan worship

    73. Day 70: Hope for the poor

    74. Day 71: Dabbling with the dark side

    75. Day 72: Faithful in the small things

    76. Day 73: Remember God’s goodness

    77. Day 74: Obedience from the heart

    78. Day 75: The purpose of blessings and curses

    79. Day 76: Choose life

    80. Day 77: Satan’s lie

    81. Day 78: Joshua’s name

    82. Day 79: You must wait

    83. Day 80: The sin of Achan

    84. Day 81: The Longest Day

    85. Day 82: Give me this mountain

    86. Day 83: Make the most of what you have

    87. Day 84: Anna, the prophetess

    88. Day 85: As for me and my house

    89. Day 86: The consequences of actions

    90. Day 87: God uses women, too

    91. Day 88: Strength in weakness

    92. Day 89: Ungodly leader over ungodly men

    93. Day 90: Keep your word

    94. Day 91: The Nazarite Vow

    95. Day 92: GOD USES MEN


    97. Day 94: Are you a Ruth or an Orpah?

    98. Day 95: Infertility

    99. Day 96: It’s not the Ark, It’s God

    100. Day 97: Like other nations

    101. Day 98: Who will you serve?

    102. Day 99: Taking Matters into Your Own Hands

    103. Day 100: Deadly effects of pride

    104. Day 101: Are you listening to Goliath?

    105. Day 102: A true friendship

    106. Day 103: The end doesn’t justify the means

    107. Day 104: What type of riches do you have?

    108. Day 105: Will you turn to God or Satan?

    109. Day 106: Strengthen yourself in Yahweh

    110. Day 107: Love your enemy

    111. Day 108: The deadly effect of Polygamy

    112. Day 109: The heart of worship

    113. Day 110: Sin begets sin

    114. Day 111: “You are the man!”

    115. Day 112: Parenting lessons from David

    116. Day 113: God is in control

    117. Day 114: Divided we fall

    118. Day 115: The importance of keeping your promise

    119. Day 116: The last words of David

    120. Day 117: Let God exalt you

    121. Day 118: Ask for wisdom

    122. Day 119: What the building of the temple can teach us

    123. Day 120: The cloud of glory

    124. Day 121: Wisdom is not enough

    125. Day 122: Religion of convenience

    126. Day 123: Tricking God

    127. Day 124: There is no lack in God

    128. Day 125: How God encouraged Elijah

    129. Day 126: How do you limit God?

    130. Day 127: Elisha Cursing the Youths

    131. Day 128: Pray for eyes of faith

    132. Day 129: God’s revenge on the wicked

    133. Day 130: Don’t stop halfway

    134. Day 131: Focus on God

    135. Day 132: Lesson from King Ahaz

    136. Day 133: He must increase

    137. Day 134: Take it to God

    138. Day 135: Spiritual food

    139. Day 136: Do you want to get healed?

    140. Day 137: Believing the whole Scripture

    141. Day 138: Don’t let the past pull you down

    142. Day 139: Seeking God with the right heart

    143. Day 140: Preach not to please

    144. Day 141: Seek God’s approval

    145. Day 142: The danger of too much knowledge with no wisdom

    146. Day 143: Seeing your own sin

    147. Day 144: The truth shall set you free

    148. Day 145: The cause of suffering

    149. Day 146: Yahweh searches

    150. Day 147: Yahweh calls you by name

    151. Day 148: You are gods

    152. Day 149: Humble yourself

    153. Day 150: Advice shopping

    154. Day 151: Killing Lazarus

    155. Day 152: The Eyes of Yahweh

    156. Day 153: The majority is not always right

    157. Day 154: Killing Lazarus

    158. Day 155: How to love Yahshua

    159. Day 156: The True Vine

    160. Day 157: Sorrow turned to joy

    161. Day 158: How clean is your temple?

    162. Day 159: Are you like Peter?

    163. Day 160: What is truth?

    164. Day 161: Are you a Christian or a politician?

    165. Day 162: It is finished

    166. Day 163: Doubting Thomas

    167. Day 164: Focus on your work

    168. Day 165: Being a witness

    169. Day 166: The Day of Pentecost

    170. Day 167: How to deal with discouragement

    171. Day 168: Do you limit yourself when giving?

    172. Day 169: The Boldness and courage of the Apostles

    173. Day 170: Praying the Scripture

    174. Day 171: Ananias and Sapphira

    175. Day 172: For such a time as this

    176. Day 173: Turning evil plans into blessings

    177. Day 174: The invisible hand of God

    178. Day 175: Worship in crisis

    179. Day 176: Curse the day I was born

    180. Day 177: From persecution to preaching the Word

    181. Day 178: Why do we suffer?

    182. Day 179: Asking the right question

    183. Day 180: From an enemy to a defender of the faith

    184. Day 181: Choose to be kind

    185. Day 182: Thank God for accepting the Gentiles

    186. Day 183: Does God need us?

    187. Day 184: Advanced Knowledge

    188. Day 185: Where does wisdom come from?

    189. Day 186: The deadly effect of envy

    190. Day 187: Worshiped as gods

    191. Day 188: God’s love and justice

    192. Day 189: God’s infinite wisdom

    193. Day 190: God opening our hearts

    194. Day 191: God owns everything

    195. Day 192: Be like the Bereans

    196. Day 193: Finding a common ground

    197. Day 194: The bigness of God and smallness of men

    198. Day 195: Use your body to worship God

    199. Day 196: The Temple of Diana

    200. Day 197: Lessons from Eutychus

    201. Day 198: God’s glory in the heavens

    202. Day 199: Trusting chariots and horses

    203. Day 200: The LORD is my Shepherd

    204. Day 201: Whom shall I fear?

    205. Day 202: The name of Yahweh

    206. Day 203: What does it mean to be forgiven?

    207. Day 204: What does it mean to taste and see Yahweh?

    208. Day 205: “I am your salvation”

    209. Day 206: “Roll your way to God”

    210. Day 207: “As the deer pants for the water”

    211. Day 208: “Send out Your Light and Your Truth”

    212. Day 209: “God is our refuge”

    213. Day 210: “Although they knew God”

    214. Day 211: Appeal to God’s mercy

    215. Day 212: “Let God be true”

    216. Day 213: “Faith in God’s promises”

    217. Day 214: The good side of problems

    218. Day 215: Grace is abused

    219. Day 216: The purpose of the law

    220. Day 217: The mark of a true believer

    221. Day 218: God works all things for good

    222. Day 219: Why do the wicked prosper?

    223. Day 220: God is the Potter

    224. Day 221: Sincerely wrong

    225. Day 222: Shine your face on us

    226. Day 223: Open wide your mouth

    227. Day 224: Be transformed

    228. Day 225: The debt we all should have

    229. Day 226: Teach us to number our days

    230. Day 227: Dwelling in the secret place

    231. Day 228: Vengeance belongs to Yahweh

    232. Day 229: Avoiding divisive people

    233. Day 230: The message of the torture stake

    234. Day 231: The benefits of serving God

    235. Day 232: God gives the increase

    236. Day 233: Premature Judgment

    237. Day 234: A little leaven

    238. Day 235: Not unto us

    239. Day 236: The day Yahweh has made

    240. Day 237: Hidden in my heart

    241. Day 238: A Light to Our Path

    242. Day 239: Run in such a way

    243. Day 240: A way of escape

    244. Day 241: Like arrows

    245. Day 242: As I imitate Christ

    246. Day 243: How good and how pleasant

    247. Day 244: Members of one body

    248. Day 245: Fearfully and wonderfully made

    249. Day 246: Guard my mouth

    250. Day 247: Do things decently and in order

    251. Day 248: The proof of Christ’s resurrection

    252. Day 249: Do you want to live forever?

    253. Day 250: Be watchful, steadfast, brave, and strong

    254. Day 251: Trust God with all your hearts

    255. Day 252: Learn from the ant

    256. Day 253: The beginning of wisdom

    257. Day 254: Seeing the invisible

    258. Day 255: What’s better than earthly treasures

    259. Day 256: Healing power of words

    260. Day 257: What true repentance looks like

    261. Day 258: Train up a child

    262. Day 259: Cheerful giver

    263. Day 260: Bringing every thought into captivity

    264. Day 261: Charm is deceitful

    265. Day 262: Vanity of vanities

    266. Day 263: Two are better than one

    267. Day 264: Don’t listen to all the things people say about you

    268. Day 265: Remember your Creator

    269. Day 266: It is no longer I who live

    270. Day 267: There is neither Jew nor Greek

    271. Day 268: Awakening love at the right time

    272. Day 269: A time of lasting peace

    273. Day 270: You reap what you sow

    274. Day 271: Calling evil good and good evil

    275. Day 272: Prince of the power of the air

    276. Day 273: Rooted and grounded in love

    277. Day 274: Walk worthy

    278. Day 275: Redeem the time

    279. Day 276: Singing songs of worship

    280. Day 277: The armor of God

    281. Day 278: God will complete the work

    282. Day 279: Why we should stop complaining

    283. Day 280: Losing is gaining

    284. Day 281: Be anxious for nothing

    285. Day 282: Firstborn over all creation

    286. Day 283: Knit in love

    287. Day 284: Set your mind on things above

    288. Day 285: Hezekiah’s downfall

    289. Day 286: The Strength of Yahweh encourages you

    290. Day 287: You are mine

    291. Day 288: To proclaim and make it to pass

    292. Day 289: God will not forget you

    293. Day 290: Test all things

    294. Day 291: Seek the LORD

    295. Day 292: Repairer of the Breach

    296. Day 293: Don’t feed the lazy

    297. Day 294: Filthy rags

    298. Day 295: Prayers for all men

    299. Day 296: You’re never too young to do God’s work

    300. Day 297: Seared with a hot iron

    301. Day 298: Provide for your family

    302. Day 299: Godly contentment

    303. Day 300: Stir up the gift of God

    304. Day 301: The wicked heart

    305. Day 302: Inspiration of God

    306. Day 303: Inspiration of God

    307. Day 304: Qualification of a leader

    308. Day 305: A pattern of good works

    309. Day 306: The thoughts of God

    310. Day 307: Lessons from Onesimus

    311. Day 308: Too hard for God

    312. Day 309: An important lesson from the Rechabites

    313. Day 310: Staying faithful to God’s word

    314. Day 311: Sympathize with our sins

    315. Day 312: Seek the solid food

    316. Day 313: God will not forget your work

    317. Day 314: A change of the law

    318. Day 315: The High Priest of a better covenant

    319. Day 316: Eagerly waiting for the Messiah

    320. Day 317: Animal sacrifices are not enough

    321. Day 318: Consider one another

    322. Day 319: Pilgrims on the earth

    323. Day 320: Watchman

    324. Day 321: Lay aside every weight

    325. Day 322: Marriage is honorable

    326. Day 323: Ask God for wisdom

    327. Day 324: Dead faith

    328. Day 325: Tame your tongue

    329. Day 326: Don’t ask amiss

    330. Day 327: The heart of a farmer

    331. Day 328: Greatly rejoicing

    332. Day 329: Honorable conduct among the Gentiles

    333. Day 330: Be ready to give a defense

    334. Day 331: Strange fiery trials

    335. Day 332: Be ready to give a defense

    336. Day 333: Make your calling sure

    337. Day 334: God knows

    338. Day 335: What manner of persons ought you to be?

    339. Day 336: God is light

    340. Day 337: How to know God?

    341. Day 338: A matter of life and death

    342. Day 339: Purposed in our hearts

    343. Day 340: Unconditional trust in God

    344. Day 341: Above reproach

    345. Day 342: Prosperity Gospel

    346. Day 343: Explosion of knowledge

    347. Day 344: Lack of knowledge

    348. Day 345: First love

    349. Day 346: God has the final say

    350. Day 347: Backsliding as a disease

    351. Day 348: Rend your heart

    352. Day 349: Weighed down by you

    353. Day 350: Prepare to meet your God

    354. Day 351: Famine of the hearing of the Word

    355. Day 352: The pride of Edom

    356. Day 353: Running away from God

    357. Day 354: Corrupt leaders

    358. Day 355: The whole world is deceived

    359. Day 356: What does Yahweh require of you?

    360. Day 357: The Father’s name

    361. Day 358: Live by faith

    362. Day 359: The singing God

    363. Day 360: Called, chosen, and faithful

    364. Day 361: By my Spirit

    365. Day 362: The Marriage Supper of the Lamb

    366. Day 363: The time of judgment

    367. Day 364: God dwells with men

    368. Day 365: I am coming quickly

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What if you can learn the biblical habits that dramatically enable you to live a victorious life and develop unshakable faith in the Most High God?

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  • A brother or sister in Christ who want to prove God’s existence

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    • How to Overcome Fear

      Understanding and studying the parables taught by Jesus Christ (Yahshua the Messiah)

    • How to Overcome Pride

      Discover the steps you should take to develop humility

    • How to manage finances

      Dig through the Bible and learn how you can improve your finances

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    He has started the Becoming Christians website in 2013 and since then, it has received millions of views from around the world.

    Joshua is on a mission to help fellow Christians build a closer and more intimate relationship with our Heavenly Father.

    He is passionate about sharing the living Word of Yahweh and doing his best to be a man after God's own heart.

    Frequently asked questions (FAQ):

    Your questions answered.

    • What specific problem will this course solve?

      This course aims to help students discover how they can start living a victorious life and having a stronger faith in God.

    • What change will happen as a result of taking your course?

      After completing this course, students will acquire three core learnings:

      (1) improving their passion for doing the work of God;

      (2) increasing their faith;

      (3) developing the habits of effective Christians.

    • Why should they take your course?

      There are many reasons to take this course. Here are three of them:

      (1) You learn valuable lessons from the Bible that will transform you into a fully passionate disciple of Christ.

      (2) You only pay once but you get unlimited access to this course.

      (3) You receive free digital books to assist you in your learning.

    • How does the 7-day free trial work?

      The 7-day free trial allows you to go through the content of this course and determine whether it is the right one for you or not.

      It allows you to take the course without any risk on your part.

      If you feel that course is not right for you, please send me a message at [email protected].

    • How much time will it take to finish the course?

      The course is self-paced. It is totally up to you how slow or fast you would go through the course.

      Once you complete one lesson, you can move on to the next. The whole course can take a few weeks to a few months to complete.

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    If you have questions, you can get in touch with me by sending a message to [email protected].

    Imagine a year from today...

    The decision you make now will dramatically affect your future.

    Imagine a year from today when you have a stronger and more steadfast faith.

    Imagine waking up in the morning feeling inspired, motivated, and victorious.

    Imagine when you have developed the powerful habits that enable you to be a highly effective Christian.

    Imagine looking at your Bible on a whole new level because of the deeper understanding and powerful insights you gain.

    That's the power of simply making one decision.

    You can achieve all these. I'm proof that it is possible and I'm here to teach you.

    With God's grace and blessing, let me help you in your Christian journey.

    You don't have to do it alone.

    Help is available.

    Join Becoming Christians Academy and together, let's learn the best way of living this life --- the way of God.

    Until He comes,

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    Enroll in our courses and see where your faith will lead you.

    Grow in the grace and knowledge of our Master and Savior, Yahshua the Messiah.

    To Him be the glory both now and forever.

    – The Apostle Peter (II Peter 3:18)