On a mission to change spiritual lives

Live a more blessed, fulfilling, passionate, and purposeful life – whether that means overcoming trials and difficulties, improving your relationship with God and others, or discovering the purpose of your existence.


  • How to become an effective Christian

    Develop the 7 powerful habits that will transform you from an ordinary person to an extraordinary servant of God.

  • How to live a victorious life

    Read 40 inspiring stories that will help you stop living a mediocre life.

  • How to Strengthen Your Faith

    Meet 18 of the heroes of faith listed in Hebrews 11 and discover the lessons from their examples.

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When you enroll in my course, you will only have to pay once. No monthly bill. No headaches. No spam. All you get are the latest and most powerful lessons you will ever learn from the Bible.


What if you can learn the biblical habits that dramatically enable you to live a victorious life and develop unshakable faith in the Most High God?

What if you can learn these principles in the comfort of your home and by spending at least 10 minutes a day?

Soon you can!

The Becoming Christians Academy will help you achieve your spiritual goals --- step by step, lesson by lesson, day by day!

Are you any one of these?

  • A person who is a babe in Christ
  • A long-time Christian who is looking for new ways to ignite their faith
  • A pastor, minister, or church leader who is looking for new messages to share with their congregation
  • A servant of God who is struggling with sin
  • A man or woman who wants to know how to share the Word of God
  • A church member who wants to better understand the Bible
  • A brother or sister in Christ who want to prove God’s existence

    If so, then this online course is for you!

    Becoming Christians Academy gives you all that you need about becoming a zealous servant of God.

    From improving your faith to overcoming sin, I have outlined biblical principles and powerful lessons that will help you achieve your spiritual goals.

    A religion in crisis

    According to the Pew Research Center, in a telephone survey that was conducted in 2018 and 2019, 65% of Christians identify themselves as Christians.

    Now, what’s alarming here is that only ten years ago, it was 77%. The survey concluded that “Christianity continues to decline at a rapid pace.”

    On the other hand, “the religiously unaffiliated share of the population, consisting of people who describe their religious identity as atheist, agnostic or “nothing in particular,” now stands at 26%, up from 17% in 2009.”
  • Are you spiritually living or dying?

    Imagine, if this continues, in just 100 years, Christianity will be gone in the United States.

    To make things worse, a lot of so-called Christians today are simply Christians by name. They are neither hot nor cold. They are like the Laodiceans in the book of Revelation who didn’t let their religion change their lives!

    Now, my question to you is this:

    How is your faith?

    How strong is your conviction?

    Is your belief in God getting stronger and stronger by the day OR is it failing and disappearing?

    Whatever your answer to these questions, you know in your heart of hearts that you can improve --- that you can start your journey towards a closer and more intimate relationship with God.

    The Right Online Course for YOU

    The next question you should ask then is: “How?

    That’s where I want to help.

    I have started the Becoming Christians Academy (BCA) to help you in your spiritual journey.

    In this academy, I have offered my best online course that will help you:

  • Discover how you can become a highly effective Christian
  • See how you can live a victorious life
  • Learn how to dramatically increase your faith
  • Experience a closer relationship with our Creator
  • Understand the Scripture deeper and faster

    All these you can achieve when you enroll in Becoming Christians Academy.

    After completing this course, you will walk away with 3 core principles:

  • How to be an effective Christian
  • How to live a victorious life
  • How to increase your faith

    These 3 core understandings represent the 3 modules you’ll receive in this course.

    Pursue learning

    The Bible tells us the importance of learning. In Proverbs 4:5, 7, we read:

    Get wisdom! Get understanding! Wisdom is the principal thing; Therefore get wisdom. And in all your getting, get understanding.

    Becoming Christians Academy allows you to get wisdom that this world can’t offer. The wisdom you’ll learn and receive from our courses is inspired by the Word of God.

    Moreover, the Scripture plainly tells us:

    So then faith comes by hearing, and hearing by the word of God (Romans 10:17).

    You can dramatically improve and increase your faith by listening to the Word of God explained by those who have a good understanding of the Scripture.

    10+ years worth of learning into one course

    I have seriously studied the Bible since the year 2010. In this course, I have distilled and condensed some of the most important lessons and turned them into easy to understand, easy to follow, and easy to apply principles.

    In short, what you’re getting in Becoming Christians Academy is a decade worth of learning.

    The Apostle Peter admonished us:

    Grow in the grace and knowledge of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ (2 Peter 3:18).

    Friend, help is available.

    At this point, you have two options:

  • Ignore this valuable opportunity to learn more about God’s way of life.
  • Discover how you can start living a victorious, faithful, and zealous Christian life.

    The choice is yours, but I'm praying you choose the second option.

    7-day FREE trial + EXCLUSIVE bonuses

    I understand that you may want to still give this course a try and see if it is the right one for you without losing any of your resources.

    I definitely get that.

    We all have limited resources and I want you to be confident in your enrolment here in BCA.

    Thus, I’m giving you a 7-day FREE trial. You can enroll in my course, look into it, and decide whether you want to continue or not. If ever the course did not meet your expectation, you can ask for a 100% refund --- no questions asked.

    That’s how much I want to help you. I don’t want you to be missing out on this golden opportunity simply because you are unsure what our course is all about.

    As a given bonus, if you choose to continue in my course, you will receive not just one, not just two, but 6 Christian eBooks that you can instantly read and study.

    The BEST investment you can do now

    Would you pay for Netflix, Spotify, or Amazon Prime Video? Are you willing to spend hundreds or even thousands of dollars on smartphones, computers, and other electronic devices? Would you spend a lot of my money to acquire secular knowledge?

    For most of us, the answer is yes. These things can entertain us, make us feel good, and improve our skills.

    However, what I’m offering to you is of much greater value.

    I don’t offer you entertainment.

    I don’t offer you worldly knowledge.

    I don’t offer you perishable goods.

    What I offer you is powerful and crucial lessons from the Bible, that if applied, will dramatically change your life.

    The benefits I’m offering here are not just useful in this life, but also in the life to come.

    The things you will learn here will stay with you.

    No one can take it away from you.

    Give our course a try.

    I’ll assure you that you won’t lose anything, but you will definitely gain something that you will treasure for the rest of your life.

    So, enroll now and be part of the best Christian course designed to help you become a man or a woman after God’s own heart.
  • Coming Soon

    New chapters and lessons are regularly added to our courses

    • How to Overcome Fear

      Understanding and studying the parables taught by Jesus Christ (Yahshua the Messiah)

    • How to Overcome Pride

      Discover the steps you should take to develop humility

    • How to manage finances

      Dig through the Bible and learn how you can improve your finances

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    Full of powerful spiritual lessons

    Patricia Nosal

    I love Joshua's course --- so much fun reading, learning, and meditating on what I just learned... Always looking forward to the next lesson! Great teaching!

    Transform Your Spiritual Life

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    Become more faithful and zealous. Your life will never be the same again!

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    Free eBooks

    When you enroll in my course, you'll receive the following books for at no extra cost after you complete the 7-day free trial period:

    7-Day Free Trial

    Join this online course for 7 days… RISK-FREE!

    If for some reason the course isn't exactly what you expected, let me know and I'll a give full refund --- no questions asked.

    Money Back Guarantee

    Risk-free enrolment

    I would like to make you an offer.

    Enrolling in our course is 100% RISK-FREE.

    I understand that enrolling in an online course comes with a certain level of risk.

    You may have the following hesitations:

    • What if I don’t like this course?
    • What if I enrolled by mistake?
    • What if I changed your mind?

    I know these things may happen.

    That’s why I’m offering a 100% Money Back Guarantee.

    No questions ask.

    If you feel like the course isn’t benefiting you as you have expected, just email me within 7 days after enrolling.

    My email is joshuainfantado@gmail.com.

    I will then be more than happy to give you back the money you used to pay for the course.

    Hi I'm Joshua!

    Senior Instructor

    Joshua Infantado

    Joshua is the founder of Becoming Christians Academy.

    He has started the Becoming Christians website in 2013 and since then, it has received millions of views from around the world.

    Joshua is on a mission to help fellow Christians build a closer and more intimate relationship with our Heavenly Father.

    He is passionate about sharing the living Word of Yahweh and doing his best to be a man after God's own heart.

    Frequently asked questions (FAQ):

    Your questions answered.

    • What specific problem will this course solve?

      This course aims to help students discover how they can start living a victorious life and having a stronger faith in God.

    • What change will happen as a result of taking your course?

      After completing this course, students will acquire three core learnings:

      (1) improving their passion for doing the work of God;

      (2) increasing their faith;

      (3) developing the habits of effective Christians.

    • Why should they take your course?

      There are many reasons to take this course. Here are three of them:

      (1) You learn valuable lessons from the Bible that will transform you into a fully passionate disciple of Christ.

      (2) You only pay once but you get unlimited access to this course.

      (3) You receive free digital books to assist you in your learning.

    • How does the 7-day free trial work?

      The 7-day free trial allows you to go through the content of this course and determine whether it is the right one for you or not.

      It allows you to take the course without any risk on your part.

      If you feel that course is not right for you, please send me a message at joshuainfantado@gmail.com.

    • How much time will it take to finish the course?

      The course is self-paced. It is totally up to you how slow or fast you would go through the course.

      Once you complete one lesson, you can move on to the next. The whole course can take a few weeks to a few months to complete.

    Got questions?

    Get in touch and stay updated.

    If you have questions, you can get in touch with me by sending a message to Joshuainfantado@gmail.com.

    Imagine a year from today...

    The decision you make now will dramatically affect your future.

    Imagine a year from today when you have a stronger and more steadfast faith.

    Imagine waking up in the morning feeling inspired, motivated, and victorious.

    Imagine when you have developed the powerful habits that enable you to be a highly effective Christian.

    Imagine looking at your Bible on a whole new level because of the deeper understanding and powerful insights you gain.

    That's the power of simply making one decision.

    You can achieve all these. I'm proof that it is possible and I'm here to teach you.

    With God's grace and blessing, let me help you in your Christian journey.

    You don't have to do it alone.

    Help is available.

    Join Becoming Christians Academy and together, let's learn the best way of living this life --- the way of God.

    Until He comes,

    Your time is now!

    Enroll in our courses and see where your faith will lead you.

    Grow in the grace and knowledge of our Master and Savior, Yahshua the Messiah.

    To Him be the glory both now and forever.

    – The Apostle Peter (II Peter 3:18)