In Genesis 32:22-32, we read about Jacob wrestling with God.

A mysterious Man began to wrestle with Jacob. Later, Jacob recognized that the man He was wrestling with was God.

Thus, Jacob struggled and struggled until the day broke. He won’t let go of God until he gets God’s blessings.

So it was, Jacob received his blessing from God.

You might be wondering, what’s the point in all these?

Why didn’t God simply use His supernatural strength to overcome Jacob?

Why did Jacob have to wrestle with God in the first place?

What could be the lessons we can learn from this story?

There are a lot of lessons here.

However, this one thing I want to share with you:

Sometimes, God wants to know how much we want his blessings in our lives.

You see, struggles and difficulties are a normal part of life. It can either turn us to God or turn us away from Him.

In the story, we will later know that the One whom Jacob wrestled with was actually the one who will later become Yahshua (popularly known as Jesus Christ).

Yahshua would like to see how Jacob would endure and persevere.

At the end of the wrestling match, we see how Jacob became a prevailer not through his strength, but through the strength God has given him.

If we truly want to receive God’s blessings, we must also do our part.

Life can be very tough.

At times, there are things that discourage us and may lead us astray.

However, God wrestles with us not to destroy or kill us, but to prepare us for the great blessings He stores for us.

God would like to develop us further so we can handle His blessings properly.

In His infinite wisdom, Yahweh exactly knew what we are capable of doing and so, He strengthens us through struggles.

Don’t despise the times when you go through life’s difficulties.

Sometimes, you have to wrestle with God to know God’s purpose in your life.

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