Four hundred years

That’s the time that had passed between the book of Malachi to the Gospel written by Matthew. Four hundred years where there was no recorded prophet. 

Four hundred years of no recorded word from God. Four hundred years of no new writings.

If you were living during the time between Malachi and Matthew, you probably have thought that Yahweh is done. We might have thought that He simply gave up on humanity. 

Yet, we have seen that after those four hundred years, God partially fulfilled His promise of bringing Elijah back in the scene through John the baptizer.

As you can see, brethren, the Bible is filled with stories about waiting. During our daily bible reading, I recently read about how Abraham waited for 25 years to have a son. Noah preached about the coming great flood for about 100 years. Joseph spent more than 10 years in prison for a sin he didn’t do.

Now, think about it, for about 2,000 years, from the time the last Apostle died, we have been waiting for the second coming of the Messiah. 

We have read that His coming would be quick and at hand, yet, we are still waiting for Him.

In seasons of waiting, we all have this three-letter word question, “Why?

Why does God allow us to wait?

Sometimes, we know the answer.

Sometimes, we simply don’t know.

However, let me give you three reasons God makes you wait:

  1. Great things take time
  2. God is preparing you
  3. God is teaching you a lesson


My friend, if you are waiting right now, these might be the reasons you are waiting.

Nevertheless, there are times when we really can’t know.

In those times, that’s where our faith comes in.

We can have the FAITH that God has our best interest in mind and whatever He is doing behind the scene, it is something that He does for our greater good.

Thankfully, God will also not give us a trial in life that we can’t handle.

In relation to this, I highly recommend you read my blog, “5 Fatal Mistakes You Should NEVER Do While Waiting for God (and What to Do Instead).”

So, stay strong.

Stay in faith.

God is working out something greater than what you could ever imagine!

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