The Miracle Effect

In Mark 6:30-56, we read a lot of miracles by Yahshua — healing the sick, feeding thousands of people, and walking on water.

We can easily read through these miracles without actually seeing their true significance. 

However, what if you’re part of the story?

Imagine, if you are one of those who are healed; you are one of those thousands who were filled by the food Yahshua gave; you are one of the disciples who saw Yahshua walked on water.

What impact would the miracles have on you?

Sadly, for most people, none.

We see that there were thousands who saw the miracles of Yahshua, but on the day of Pentecost, only a few remained faithful.

Are miracles not enough?

Miracles are not enough to convert people. Even now, if people see real miracles right before their eyes, they might be amazed, but they will not be converted.

Miracles are not the thing that will convert you, it is your faith in the Most High. When you accept Yahshua and have the Holy Spirit working in you, that’s when you start your conversion process.

People assume that if only they see miracles, they would believe.

Actually, if you believe, that’s when your eyes will open to the powerful miracles we see around us.

Life itself is a miracle. Our very existence itself is a miracle.

Don’t wait for new miracles to happen.

You can start changing now and living the life God wants you to have today!

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