A lot of people believe that love is a feeling.

While it is true that love can be a feeling, it should be more than that if you want to have a stronger relationship.

You see, love that is based on emotion or feelings can be impulsive, unstable, and unbalanced.

If you believe that love is a feeling, then you know how feelings come and go and that’s the reason why a relationship ends.

The most damaging statement of a married person is this, “I just don’t love my spouse anymore.” In other words, what this person is saying is that I don’t have the feeling of love toward my spouse anymore.

To counter this wrong definition of love, I want us to focus on this one statement. If there’s one sentence that I want you to get from this message, it is this. Please take note:

Love is a choice.

Love is not simply an emotion but a decision.

True love isn’t simply a fuzzy and warm feeling you have inside you. 

Love is a choice because when the reality of marriage hits you, you will soon realize that a lot of expectations are not met.

There are times when you will not feel the “love” you used to have with your spouse. 

There are times as well that you will hate your spouse. 

Not only that, there are times when you wish you were in a different situation.

That’s why love is a CHOICE. You choose to still love your spouse even if the “feeling” isn’t there. You still choose to love even if you don’t feel like it.

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Remember that marriage brings two entirely different people. They have different upbringings, personalities, and habits.

There will come a time when the two will clash. Marital misunderstanding and fights are not a question of if, but when.

Conflicts are bound to happen.

In those moments, you will need to choose whether to still love your spouse or not.

This is what true love means.

True love demands great effort, discipline, and conscious decision.

Love is an outgoing concern and care. It is not selfish. It always thinks about the welfare of the other person.

Now, here’s the good news. 

Because love is a choice then it means we are all capable of loving. 

Love is something you do for your spouse. It is not something you do for yourself.

Love is a choice and you can start choosing to love today.

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